We are glad you found us. Whether you are a father of one or several daughters, the Father and Daughter Club is a growing Ottawa Area networking group welcoming all Fathers who would like to have a positive and active attitude to daghters' family upbringing and education. You can exchage your ideas, discuss books, download "learn together" material, learn the secrets of success in Father - Daughter relationships from others, and share your success stories. Also, you can participate in enrichment activities offered by club members.

Share your ideas, information, offer a topic or book for discussion on the FACEBOOK site (please refer to the link above).
In our challenging world of promoted sexuality, peer pressure and false values our Daughters need strong Fathers and strong Father-Daughter relationships to survive. Let's support each other and have fun in the process. To join, just complete the Contact Us section and click submit.

What's the Best About Our Club?

We are not a stuffy group that makes you sit around a  table discussing problems. We are socially active  Fathers who enjoy activities with Daughters to strengthen family relationship with them.  While interacting with each other, we exchange information,  explore ideas and actively participate in Daughters' lives to give them a meaningful alternative to epidemic dysfunctions of the contemporary world and prevent daughters' rebellion and destructive behavior. We arrange our lives that way we can spend more quality time with Daughters

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